Senior Event Participation Criteria

In order to participate in Senior Events, the following MUST be met:  


CREDITS:  Seniors are determined based on the number of credits earned; not based on the number of years in high school.  You must have over 16 credits to attend a senior event or working towards a June 2022 or August 2022 graduation.

ATTENDANCE: Seniors MUST have a 90% attendance rate in the fall and spring semesters or contract from their assigned assistant principal.


· Seniors MAY NOT have ANY ISS Assignments the week prior or the week of an event

· Seniors MAY NOT have ANY Out of School Suspensions (excluding tardies; over 2 tardy suspensions in one semester makes you ineligible to attend senior events within that semester)

· Seniors have NO MORE than 3 days of ISS TOTAL for each semester.